︎Completed - 04.07.22

Very, Very Publication Drop and Fundraiser Party

Very, Very Primary is the pilot issue of Practise Make Practice's bi-annual publication. To celebrate the release of the first issue of the organization, we are have a party and fundraiser. The fundraiser helps Practise Makes Practice deliver exciting design-centric programming to the southeastern region.

Attendees will enjoy:
  • Copies of our first publication Very, Very Primary
  • A Very, Very Cocktail and Bar
  • An immersive sonic environment by WRK
  • An experimental tote bag design station
  • Dramatic Drastic Sudden Death Design Battle Slash Debacle Showdown Competition
  • Visuals on a larger scale
  • Opportunities to be photographed
  • A chance to support southern design community


Tier 1 - General Admission gets you into the function and 1 drink ticket

Tier 2 - Admission + Publication gets you into the function, a copy of our publication and 2 drink tickets.

︎Completed - 11.18.21-12.10.21

Typo-Heterochronia: Seoul-Atlanta

타이포-헤테로크로니아: 서울-애틀란타

Designers and Artists: Ahn Byunghak, An Mano, Yeohyun Ahn, Chae Byungrok, Laura Douglas, Taekyeom Lee, Justin McElderry, Ham Minjoo, Moon Jang, Youl Joe, Joel Kern & Park Goeun, Younghun Jung, Kim Namoo, Kim Young Chul, Christopher Knowles, Min X Hwa Works, June Shin, Park Yeoun Joo, Yehwan Song, Delaney Williams, and Yi Chulmin
Curators: Moon Jang and Christopher Knowles
Date: November 18-December 10, 2021
Location: The Bakery South Downtown
92 Peachtree Street, Atlanta, GA 30303

타이포그래피를 기반으로 한 디자인들은 최근 혼성적, 혼종적, 변형적인 시스템을 연구/실천하거나, 다문화, 다국어, 초국어 및 유동적 정체성이 반영된 조형을 보여줍니다. 타이포-헤테로크로니아 전시는 이러한 현상에 대한 응답으로서, 국어와 영어의 타이포그래피적 정체성들이 만나고 교차하는 시공간을 상상합니다. 타이포그래피의 다양성을 위해서, 서울과 애틀랜타 사이에서 존재하는 서로 다른 타이포그래피적 시간과 대안적이거나 임시적인 공간을 포착합니다. 또한 타이포-헤테로크로니아는 타이포그래피의 표면에서부터, 창의적인 코드, 문자공간 및 형태를 이르는 작업들, 서울과 애틀란타에서 활동하는 디자이너들의 작품을 소개함으로써 유동성, 가변성, 코드 메쉬성, 동시성, 이질성, 혼성성, 토착성, 상대성 등 다양한 타이포그래피적 표현양식을 살펴봅니다.  이번 전시를 통해 타이포그래피 연구와 창작, 실천의 새로운 이야기를 쓰고, 서울과 애틀랜타 사이의 글로벌 로컬 네트워크를 구축하는 계기가 되기를 바랍니다.

참여작가: 김나무, 김영철, 델레이니 월리엄스, 로라 더글라스, 민화웍스, 박연주, 송예환, 안마노, 안병학, 안여현, 이철민, 이태겸, 신주은, 장문정, 저스틴 맥엘더리, 정영훈, 조엘 컨 & 박고은, 조현열, 채병록, 크리스토퍼 놀스, 함민주

In contemporary visual communication design, designers have practiced many variable and transformative typography exploring complex, interconnected, and hybrid systems. Such phenomena have also created type-driven landscapes where graphic designers have reflected on their multicultural, multi/ translingual, and liquid identities. We imagine a space-time where writing systems and typographic identities, Hangul (Korean) and English, meet and intersect to respond to those design practices. This exhibition, Typo-Heterochronia, creates an alternative and a temporary space to examine the diversity of typography and captures different typographical times between Seoul and Atlanta. Also, it conceives of new narratives in typography research and attempts to build a global-local network between Seoul, Korea, and Atlanta, USA.


Pathways Pop-Up

Work By:Michael Martino
Date: Saturday, August 28, 2021
Time: 7-10PM (EST)
Location: The Studio at Candler Park
1393 Mclendon Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30344

Pathways is a one night pop-up exhibition created by Michael Martino in collaboration with Practise Makes Practice. The exhibit is about exploring the creation of pathways in relation to people’s goals and dreams. It hopes to inspire the creation of other people’s paths by sharing how one person is creating theirs within the design world. 


Practise Session 02: Biosphere Atlanta 2121

-Let’s design the city of our solarpunk dreams-
Facilitated By: Abi Lambert
Date: Saturday April 17, 2021
Time: 12-2PM (EST)
Location: Grant Park Atlanta

Imagine Atlanta in 2121. What does it look like to you? How has climate change affected the city? In a group design discussion, these are the questions we will answer.

To set the stage, we will design for a reality where over the next 100 years we continue on the path we’re on now: completely unchecked pollution. By 2021, Tybee Island will be 7 feet under water and New Orleans will be 10 feet under water. The entire Southeast will cope with chronic flooding alternating with difficult droughts. The population of the United States will grow to 600 million, the majority of which residing in climate-controlled biospheres, or cities. Atlanta’s biosphere will contain the ten counties of Greater Atlanta. Atlanta will house millions of more climate refugees from Coastal Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana. Greater Atlanta’s population will grow from 6 million to 30 million.

Join us for a group discussion of how we, the designers, can re-design Atlanta as the carbon sequestering utopia we’ve always dreamed of. No budget. No restrictions. Come prepared with ideas or make it up when you get here. We will provide a clothesline to hang any images you bring with you.

This will be a covid-compliant event that takes place outside. Masks and social distancing required. We will meet at Grant Park near the bathrooms.

This event will be facilitated by Abi Lambert. Abi is a graphic designer who specializes in exhibition design, branding, and publication design. Independently, she is a design researcher, a bio-artist, a material scientist, sci-fi enthusiast, curator, a gardener, a 3D digital artist, and a life-long learner. Her love for design and science has led to exploring the intersections of the two. Key focuses of her science-based design include plant-based installation art and bio-materials such as kombucha cellulose or algae bioreactors.


Design, Walks

Element: Pattern
Location: Atlanta Beltline (Eastside Trail)
March 13, 2021

Design, Walks is free and open to the public. Each workshop hyper-focuses on a single design element in the found environment. Attendees will gather at a designated location, and spend 30 minutes walking and exploring the environment for the chosen design element. Once enough data is collected, the second part of the workshop features a conditional design making process. Attendees will be led by the workshop facilitator to create design works combining the data collected from the environment and a set of conditions provided in the later half.


Practise Session 01

‘Figures of Speech’
February 22, 2020

Introducing the first of our salon series where we take a closer look at design-related topics and culture. This is an opportunity for the community to gather in our space, share design discourse and have a good time.

For our first installment, we took a look at the ‘Figures of Speech’ book design by OKRM and reviewed the works of Virgil Abloh.



Designer: Alex Kirsch

September 2019

Designer Alex Kirsch led us on an exploration of how we’ve transitioned from a currency system that consisted of objects with inherent value to a currency system of symbolic value.

What does that mean in today's world for us?
For brands?


Embracing Ugly Urbanism + Scent Walk

With Carley Rickles and Zapah Lab

January 2020

Carley and Arianna (of Zapah Lab) conducted a free walk to investigate the sensory experience of a high-traffic highway - on foot. This walk took participants above and around a GA state highway through tunnels, overgrown landscapes, abandoned bridges, and train tracks.

This presentation showcased their findings and participant reflections, which influenced a report that was at an academic experiential design conference in January 2020.

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