Practise Makes Practice Inc. is a designated 501(c)(3) public charity nonprofit organization. Here is a little bit about what we do ︎︎︎

Our Name ︎

Verb, British English, prac-tised, prac-tis-ing.
- to perform or do repeatedly in order to acquire skill or proficiency. 

Verb, American English, prac-ticed, prac-tic-ing.
- the condition arrived at by experience; the exercise of a profession or occupation.

Mission ︎

Practise Makes Practice facilitates an innovative and inclusive design community through accessible programming, experiences, and collaborative events which highlight the relevance of design in all aspects of life. We fill the gap between traditional design education and the unlimited potential of design practice; resulting in a vibrant, diverse, and creative design culture for the Southeast and beyond.

Goals ︎

  • Create larger public understanding of the value of design practice

  • Facilitate educational opportunities that challenge the public’s perception of design as a strictly commercial pursuit

  • Cultivate a community of design-minded advocates who challenge ubiquitous trends in favor of original thought

  • Foster a robust design culture in Atlanta and the surrounding Southeastern United States

  • Establish Atlanta as a pioneering design hub

  • Provide design education through workshops, lectures, experiences, research, projects, and available resources

  • Publish design-related content, criticism, and theory

  • Build a bridge of understanding between designers and non-designers

  • Provide a voice for diversity and inclusion within related design fields

  • Increase visibility for disparate and disenfranchised design perspectives

  • Create a platform for design dialogue, cultural exchange, and a greater awareness of design practices and methodologies

  • Partner with established institutions and organizations for collaborative educational and programmatic approaches

  • Promote joy, play, and experimentation as fundamental pillars to the practice of design

Philosophy ︎

Our organizational and educational philosophy is guided by the belief that design is for everyone; acting as a vehicle for better understanding our place in the world. By democratizing design, we provide a gateway for heightened community engagement, dialogue, problem solving, empowerment, and self-realization through various design practices and inclusionary programming. We seek to facilitate a range of design disciplines, traditional and non-traditional, functioning as an intermediary between designers and non designers alike. We believe that educating the general public on the value of design will incite a respect and discernment of how design methodologies affect personal and societal livelihood.

Statement of Inclusion ︎

Practise Makes Practice strives to build an organization that embraces all through an active commitment to diversity, equality, accessibility, and inclusion by providing a safe space and equal opportunity for all regardless of race, age, color, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, religion, migratory status, abilities/disability, and/or socioeconomic background.  We believe that diversity and inclusion are essential to fulfilling Practise Makes Practice's mission (and a healthy society as a whole). We are committed to creating a community that values the perspectives and contributions of all people and is free of discrimination. Practise Makes Practice joyously welcomes all.

Practices ︎

Practise Makes Practice spotlights the following design disciplines:

            ︎ Architectural 
            ︎ Digital 
            ︎ Emerging
            ︎ Environmental
            ︎ Experimental 
            ︎ Fashion 
            ︎ Furniture  
            ︎ Graphic           
            ︎ Industrial
            ︎ Interdisciplinary
            ︎︎︎ Landscape Architecture
            ︎ Motion
            ︎ Product
            ︎︎︎ Research
            ︎ Social
            ︎ Spatial
            ︎︎︎ Speculative
            ︎ Typographic
            ︎ UI/UX
            ︎︎︎ Urban

As we believe design is a constantly evolving field of work, we proactively embrace new and emerging design disciplines as we become familiar with their emergence.

Colophon ︎

Creative Direction: (Bureau) Christopher Knowles 
Typeface: Mad Serif, Mad Sans by Colophon Foundry
Hosting: Cargo
(We would like to thank Cargo for awarding us free use of their products and services indefinitely.) ︎


Physical ︎

Practise Makes Practice, Inc. 
983 Boulevard SE
Atlanta, GA 30312 

Digital ︎

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