︎Upcoming - August 20th
    Design, Walks + Picnic

    Morningside Nature Preserve

Design, Walks is an opportunity for us to explore design elements as we walk and explore natural and urban environments. For our upcoming design walk on August 20th, we will meet at Morningside Nature Preserve to explore Scale in the natural environment. 

The walk allows us to gather as a community, walk and talk together while finding inspiration in unexpected ways. Anyone may participate in a Design, Walk and it is not necessary to have any design skills. We do suggest you bring the following if you want to participate:

    1. Camera or good phone Camera
    2. Notepad, Sketchbook, or mobile creative software
    3. Comfy clothing (it’s HOT).
    4. Sunscreen
    5. Water
    6. Towel

Following this Design, Walk, we will hangout on the Morningside Beach for a group picnic! Pack a lunch and bring something cold to drink!

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︎Upcoming - August 21 & 22nd
    Podcast Season 02 Guest Open Call

We are currently recording episodes for the second season of our podcast series. This season, we are focusing on topics rather than interviews as we did in Season 01. We are also playing with the format quite a bit. 

As part of that, we feel it’s vital to invite interested members of our community to join us as guests on our show. If you are one of those community members and interested in signing up, you simply need to fill out the sign-up sheet below and we will be in contact to schedule recording time with you.

You DO NOT have to be knowledgeale in design but you DO need to live in the Atlanta area or be able to travel here for your allotted recording times. 


︎Upcoming - August 24th
    Practise Sessions 05

    The Most Beautiful Swiss Books 2016
    983 Boulevard SE

2016 was a year where we witnessed and contributed to many meaningful cultural shifts and changes in the way we perceive value and meaning in our lives. The world felt as if under a microscope.

The Most Beautiful Swiss Books 2016 as a volume sounds pretentious on the surface and masturbatory at best. However…beauty, detail, and attention to the nuances of craft contributes to our practices, regardless of discipline.

For Practise Session 05, we’re taking a look at a peculiar approach to documenting beauty in the 2016 release of: The Most Beautiful Swiss Books. Instead of considering finished outputs, we’ll be looking at dots on a page zoomed in by 700%. Spines of books. Nuanced endpapers. The hyper tracking of typography as if considered by an ant. Consider this book an observation in what leads to beautiful books, the small choices that create big output.

Join us next Weds for a fun salon style chat and hang out on this book. Practise Sessions is for everyone and is intended to stoke conversation, learning, and inspired insights.

Practise Sessions is free and byob.

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