︎Coming Up! - October 27th
    Introduction to Wallpaper Design, Pt. 2
    With Philip Muller
    at O Media Lab (910 Barton Woods Rd. NE)

Part Two of our wallpaper design workshop brings Philip Muller back to lead us in a discovery.

Materials + What to Bring

Participants don’t need to bring any materials.

If they want to follow along with the instructive portion, a laptop with Photoshop and Illustrator is needed. I will also be using a drawing tablet to show how I work.

Participants are welcome to bring any design they are working on for tips.

Philip Bio
Philip Muller is a textile and surface designer based in Atlanta. He previously worked as an in-house designer for York Wallcoverings. He operates Eyelevel Studio designing wallpapers and woven goods, and works full time as a designer for Shaw Contract designing commercial carpet and hard surface flooring. He has degrees in printmaking and textile design from the University of South Carolina and Rhode Island School of Design. Philip wants to share his obsession with pattern with everyone.

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︎Coming Up! - October 20th
    Practise Session 07: Design & The Occult
    at Eventide Brewing

Practise Session 07 will be a gathering to discuss and explore the design around the occult symbology, traditions, and inspirations.

Practise Sessions is a salon style gathering where anyone and everyone is welcome to come and hang out, have some beers, and chat about topics relevant to the practice of design.

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︎Coming Up! - October 22nd
    Design, Walks: Color
    Piedmont Park

Design, Walks is an ongoing walking workshop incorporating various design elements into a fun, outdoor and active setting.

For this walk, we will be strolling Piedmont Park finding instances of the design element color in the natural environment. After our walk, we will sit for a brief workshop incorporating our findings for design purposes.

This event is open to anyone regardless of design knowledge, skill level, age, etc.

We will meet at the park entrance gates off 12th street and Piedmont at 11am.

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