Practise Session 02: Biosphere Atlanta 2121
-Let’s design the city of our solarpunk dreams-
Facilitated By: Abi Lambert
Date: Saturday April 17, 2021
Time: 12-2PM (EST)
Location: Grant Park Atlanta

Imagine Atlanta in 2121. What does it look like to you? How has climate change affected the city? In a group design discussion, these are the questions we will answer.

To set the stage, we will design for a reality where over the next 100 years we continue on the path we’re on now: completely unchecked pollution. By 2021, Tybee Island will be 7 feet under water and New Orleans will be 10 feet under water. The entire Southeast will cope with chronic flooding alternating with difficult droughts. The population of the United States will grow to 600 million, the majority of which residing in climate-controlled biospheres, or cities. Atlanta’s biosphere will contain the ten counties of Greater Atlanta. Atlanta will house millions of more climate refugees from Coastal Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana. Greater Atlanta’s population will grow from 6 million to 30 million.

Join us for a group discussion of how we, the designers, can re-design Atlanta as the carbon sequestering utopia we’ve always dreamed of. No budget. No restrictions. Come prepared with ideas or make it up when you get here. We will provide a clothesline to hang any images you bring with you.

This will be a covid-compliant event that takes place outside. Masks and social distancing required. We will meet at Grant Park near the bathrooms.

This event will be facilitated by Abi Lambert. Abi is a graphic designer who specializes in exhibition design, branding, and publication design. Independently, she is a design researcher, a bio-artist, a material scientist, sci-fi enthusiast, curator, a gardener, a 3D digital artist, and a life-long learner. Her love for design and science has led to exploring the intersections of the two. Key focuses of her science-based design include plant-based installation art and bio-materials such as kombucha cellulose or algae bioreactors.

Monthly Rebranding Series
April 2021 - May 2021
Rebranded by Anneliese Moreno

Our monthly rebranding series is an experimental program inviting designers and non-designers alike to entirely rebrand our organization with an original concept. We simply provide a prompt and let them interpret the prompt however they choose to.

For April, we invited part - time microbiology major and part - time nanny Anneliese Moreno to interpret our prompt: “Use an Unnacceptable Color.” The following describes her rebranding concept:

“Now I’m no designer, but as a nanny, I do preach that you can be anything you want, so allow me to practice what I preach. The prompt I was given was, “Use an Unacceptable Color.” That’s when I was inspired by the favorite color of a five year old I care for: Unicorn Rainbow. That’s when my mind automatically went to patience and how both practice and patience go hand in hand. So for April, let us practice patience, and be inspired by minds of all ages.” -Anneliese Moreno

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