Carley Rickles +
Arianna/Zapah Lab

Carley and Arianna (of Zapah Lab) conducted a free walk to investigate the sensory experience of a high-traffic highway - on foot. This walk took participants above and around a GA state highway through tunnels, overgrown landscapes, abandoned bridges, and train tracks. The two designers have independent research-based practices, but have come together under a common curiosity about the human sensory experience in transitioning urban landscapes. They invited participants to take part in their progress presentation. The presentation showcased their findings and participant reflections, which influenced a report that was at an academic experiential design conference in January 2020.


Have you ever considered︎

how your sense of place changes︎

depending on your mode of transportation?︎


City design limits what you have access to...

curating what you are able to




           and touch
                    throughout your everyday commute.



Carley and Arianna’s sensory walk compelled participants to examine their relationships (or lack thereof) with their daily surroundings.

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